7 Tips for marketers to leverage Gen AI for valuable content creation

From use for basic automation to advanced natural language processing, Gen AI content creation has undergone rapid and massive transformation in the last few years. Marketers are increasingly turning to Gen AI to create impactful content. In 2024, at least 70% of marketers are eyeing to achieve the increased efficiency of deploying Gen AI, and 58% intend to use it for enhanced decision-making.

One of the key advantages of incorporating Gen AI into marketing strategies is the significant cost savings. Gen AI can generate multimedia content, including images, videos, and infographics, to be incorporated into crafting automated personalized emails, SEO blogs, social media posts, strategy briefs, etc. 

Gen AI can be used to harness data analytics to gain deep insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and interactions; marketers can save time and effort by automating the research process to optimize content for the target audience. Automating routine tasks allows teams to reallocate resources to strategy and creativity-oriented functions, enhancing the overall business impact.

Gen AI has continued to evolve to cater to dynamic business needs since its inception. With the ability to generate high-quality, relevant, and personalized content at scale, 75% of companies surveyed by MMA anticipate a significant upheaval due to Gen AI, with 45% liking disruptive capability on par with the Internet. 

Tips to leverage Gen AI for valuable content-creation

Gen AI offers marketers a roadmap to streamline research and hyper-personalize content, opening up avenues for incremental business impact. This section delves into practical tips on effectively harnessing the potential of Gen AI’s capabilities for crafting valuable and impactful content. 

Streamline the Research Process

Marketers can leverage Gen AI to identify diverse prompts and SEO keywords. This process helps create compelling briefs for the target audience and optimize for discoverability. 

Google Keyword Planner provides insights into keyword trends and the estimated cost of displaying them in searches. It helps discover relevant keywords to create effective search campaigns, compelling briefs, and optimizing content for search engines. 

Create the First Draft with Gen AI

AI-created first drafts can be a foundation for marketers to add their unique creative input. Understanding what the technology can achieve allows marketers to tweak their strategy for maximum impact and tailor-make the content. 

GPT-3.5 can help generate initial drafts of content based on input, providing a foundation for marketers to shape and refine the narrative according to their strategic objectives. 

Review and Revise

Gen AI can help review articles systematically. It can identify areas that may be lacking or require further work. After the initial review, input each section for multiple rounds of checks to ensure the content meets the quality of standards and aligns with the brand’s voice and message. 

Grammarly offers advanced grammar and style suggestions to make the writing clear and concise. It automatically analyzes and reviews written content for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and style improvements. 

Explore Multiple AI Tools

Using a range of Gen AI tools can help marketers understand the full scale of their capabilities. Marketers can experiment with different platforms to optimize the process of creating content. Specialized tools can offer unique features that cater to specific requirements for best results.

MarketMuse analyzes content and suggests improvements, helping marketers understand the strengths and weaknesses of the content. It offers insights about relevance and optimization, allowing marketers to experiment and enhance content creation strategy.

Create Assets with Gen AI

Generating additional assets around the main content becomes easy with Gen AI. For instance, marketers can draft a meta description for blogs or craft multiple versions of social media copies and emailers. This process automates repetitive tasks, saves time, and ensures consistency across various channels. 

Snappa is a graphic design tool that provides customizable templates to create appealing visuals for various purposes. Marketers can use this tool to create memorable visual assets for social media, blogs, and ads. 

Hyper-personalize the Content

Marketers can leverage Gen AI to tailor the content to individual preferences and consumer behavior. This includes crafting content that resonates with the audience to enhance engagement and foster stronger connections with the brand.

Optimizely utilizes AI to personalize content based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics, enhancing the overall user experience. It offers services such as A/B testing and website personalization, enabling marketers to foster stronger connections with the audience through a highly engaging user experience. 

Automate Content Creation Process

Automating repetitive parts of the content creation process using Gen AI is a boon for marketers. It includes scheduling posts and personalized emails or adapting content based on user interaction. Automation ensures timely and consistent delivery, maximizing the impact of the marketing strategies.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that provides services such as automating email campaigns, managing subscriber lists, and providing analytics. By integrating this tool, marketers can ensure personalized and timely content delivery to the audience. 

In 2024, Gen AI will be essential to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic marketing landscape, not just as a tool for efficiency but as a catalyst for creativity and strategic impact. Marketers deploying the technology will benefit from the increased efficiency, cost savings, and the ability to create personalized content that resonates with their audience.

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