AI in Marketing: Resources for 2024

The world of communication is transforming, many speculate that marketing is the business realm being reshaped by Artificial intelligence – where the ability to keep up with technical acumen and the basic understanding of AI remain as key challenges.

We at MMA Global are committed to supporting the industry as it understands, accepts and adopts AI, and its best practice in marketing. And for this, MMA Global presents resource materials that can aid a smooth transition to create AI-empowered marketers.

And so, we have listed a few resources that will help give you a better understanding of the industry with regard to AI – both in reader friendly and digital formats.

MMA Global Reports

If you’re looking to understand the present ‘State of AI in Marketing’ within the India region, head to this report that provides a comprehensive view of how AI has become a heightened priority. Unveiling crucial insights and riveting statistical data across subjects such as skill, risk mitigation, and more.

The ‘State of Generative AI in Marketing’ offers key insights into Gen AI perception and aspirations based on the survey with 100+ companies.  We see the quest for efficiency in operations and functioning as key drivers with companies today, companies foresee an increased reliance on external partners to navigate smooth migration to Gen AI to navigate its complexities. Customer support, content, forecasting, creative optimization all being at the forefront of Gen AI disruption  – it also comes with significant risks and challenges that need to be addressed and mitigated.

While there are industrial challenges, we cannot ignore the individual leadership POV. And when speaking AI – a key role is that of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). CDOs often make decisions based on the strategic marketing roadmap and outcomes required by their company.  The ‘State of AI in Digital Transformation’ presents observations by the Chief Digital Officers Insight Collective (CINC) and  Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), as they lead the AI landscape in digital transformation.  The benchmarking study found 10% CDOs to have the support they need to solidify the business case for AI.  The report is a clear reflection of the areas for improvement and growth that can be worked upon.

The Big ‘P’ in Marketing today is personalization for better customer experience and delivery. The ‘State of AI in Marketing and CX’ reveals how organizational silos, fragmented ownership can impede a unified vision and roadmap for AI development. The report provides a strategic framework to help navigate the world of AI while keeping in mind how marketers can best leverage AI to propel their business forward, better preparedness for risks and examining how marketers are rethinking various organizational structures to harness the true power of AI.

Decoding AI for Marketing w/ Greg Stuart & Rex Briggs

Take advantage of a power-packed series ‘Decoding AI for Marketing’ (DAM) that aims to mend the informational void and delivers insight.

Episodes Covered:

  • Designing Effective AI Tests at Ally (and Measuring Results the Right Way)
  • Is AI The New Bar to Clear for Creative?
  • AI Will Infinitely Improve Localization
  • Quick Take: Sam Altman, OpenAI, and Board Drama
  • Are You Leading an AI-Ready Marketing Organization?
  • Why Marketers Have a “Seat at the Table” in the Growth of AI
  • Introducing: Decoding AI for Marketing

If you are a pioneer of AI in marketing and wish to be a part of our movement, learn about the AI Advisory at MMA Global India. Join hands with us as we unite marketers and thought leaders. To nominate representatives, click here.

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