Audio Playbook: The Essential Guide to Voice and Audio Marketing

Voice technologies are now becoming an integral part of our lives — be it gathering information through voice searches, streaming music, controlling smart home appliances, or making utility bill payments through voice commands. New-age technologies like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), conversational artificial intelligence (AI), and neural text-to-speech (TTS) have helped push voice tech to the next level.

MMA, GroupM and Amazon have come together to launch this playbook on the Voice landscape in India titled ‘The Essential Guide to Voice and Audio Marketing’.

The playbook is powered by a consumer study (sample size: 2600) that brings out the profile of voice audiences and also contains insights from a study conducted with 150+ Indian marketers/agency professionals to understand their outlook on audio marketing.

The playbook covers:

  • The voice technology trends globally and in India
  • Deep dive into the profile of voice audiences
  • Marketer outlook on the potential of voice and
  • Recommendations for brands on how to optimally leverage voice technologies to build superior experiences for consumers.

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