State of AI in Digital Transformation: 6 Key Takeaways for Marketers

The State of AI in Digital Transformation report is more than statistics; it’s a digital pioneer’s playbook. The numbers tell the first-hand story of, from, and by Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) who are at the forefront of digital transformation. Spotlighting the critical role CDOs play in directing the course of AI applications, the report reflects a broader trend of prioritizing digital integration and innovation in today’s business strategies.

6 Key Takeaways for Marketers From the Report –

  1. Ownership and Alignment: Nearly half of the Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) surveyed (48%) exclusively own AI applications in their companies. However, only 16% report having a strong, leadership-backed vision in place, highlighting the need for better alignment with overall business strategy.
  2. Value Extraction: CDOs see a diverse array of opportunities for AI to bring value, from automating processes, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing customer experience, to fostering better decision-making. These areas of focus are tailored to the specific needs and realities of different sectors, illustrating the adaptability and wide-ranging potential of AI applications.
  3. Sector-Specific Focus: The areas of focus for AI applications vary significantly based on a company’s sector. For instance, in data-rich sectors like retail, the focus is on the supply chain, while in regulated industries like finance and pharmaceuticals, the emphasis is on products and services, customer service, and sales operations.
  4. Challenges in Deployment: CDOs encounter a mix of technical and management challenges when deploying AI, including proving AI value, translating business problems to AI-enabled solutions, and managing AI risks. Data hygiene issues and the scarcity of specialized talent are among the key technical challenges faced.
  5. Data Quality and Integration: More than half of the CDOs struggle with incomplete data, and they are working on processes to increase data hygiene. Additionally, efforts are being made to upgrade legacy systems to centralized cloud platforms for better data management.
  6. Cloud-Based Services: While cloud-based services are the most up-to-date regarding data capabilities, more effort is needed around customer data platforms, identity resolution, and clean rooms.

This report emerges as a much-needed and must-have resource, presenting a diverse array of opportunities for AI to bring value, from automating processes and improving operational efficiency to enhancing customer experience and fostering better decision-making. These insights not only underscore the adaptability and wide-ranging potential of AI applications but also provide a roadmap for marketers to navigate the era of digital transformation and AI.

Get your hands on the full report here.

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