Decoding AI Maturity in Marketing in 2024

The buzz around ‘AI maturity’ is reshaping the AI-powered marketing industry, and the intricacies are as compelling as they are diverse. Let’s first understand the key life stages for different organizations in their AI maturity journey:

  1. Learning Stage: Many organizations are in the learning phase, absorbing AI’s potential. According to GroupM’s Maturity Model, this stage involves maximizing data and technology understanding to lay the groundwork for future AI strategies. How is your organization embracing the learning curve?
  2. Testing Stage: Moving beyond learning, some are actively testing AI applications. The Darden School of Business‘s 5 stages of AI maturity provide insights into organizations experimenting with AI tools and solutions. What experiments are you conducting to refine your AI strategy?
  3. Applying Stage: Forward-thinking companies are applying AI to marketing strategies. Accenture’s exploration into AI maturity sheds light on how organizations are enhancing data, technology, and processes to drive personalized campaigns and data-driven decisions. How has AI application impacted your marketing approach?
  4. Advancing Stage: At the forefront are organizations in the advancing stage – continuously optimizing AI applications. Are you part of the cohort embracing advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation for marketing innovation? If yes, I’d love to hear all about it because unfortunately, as much as we’d all like to be at the advancing stage, MMA research shows that the Indian market is still in the nascent stages of adopting AI. So the real question is: What does it mean for an organization to be mature in its AI journey and who sets the standards?
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