The Modern Marketing Reckoner 2023 Indonesia Case Studies

Power-packed with the latest trends and research, The Modern Marketing Reckoner Report 2023 by MMA Global Indonesia offers marketers a comprehensive view of the possibilities and challenges in the highly competitive Indonesian market. 

The Case Studies section of the report contains the following chapters:

  • Unlocking The Power of Brand-Creator Collaborations: Shufen Goh, Co-Founder and Principal of R3, shares R3’s Creator Partnership Program framework, explaining how it can support brands in driving business growth and marketing effectiveness. The chapter also lists the best practices for creative marketing, with an example of the L’Oréal Insider Program and how it built long-term partnerships with influencers and creators driven by a shared passion for beauty. 
  • The Most Engaging (and Safe) Experience for Teens Ever! Emina Eureka Fest: An in-depth look at the Emina Eureka Fest 2023 and how it offered teens high-tech immersive experiences. The case study by Paragon Corp explains the strategy that facilitated the Emina Brand in gaining massive awareness, driving high engagement, and increasing product purchases. 
  • Edutainment Teaching Approach to Improve Financial Literacy in Early Childhood: Karin Zulkarnaen, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, Prudential Indonesia, discusses the Cha-Ching Program, which introduces children to the four fundamental concepts of money: earn, save, spend, and donate. The case study delves into how the program made money management education fun and effective for children.
  • Uniqlo’s Transformation: Pioneering Personalization & Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) for Exponential Growth: The chapter explains Uniqlo’s roadmap to remarkable results, explaining how the brand benefitted from precision targeting, data-driven optimization, and a relentless commitment to customer-centricity.
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