7 out of 10 CEOs are planning to invest in Gen-AI this year: Netcore Cloud’s State of MarTech Report 2024

7 out of 10 CEOs are planning to invest in Gen-AI this year: Netcore Cloud's State of MarTech Report 2024

Netcore Cloud, a leading global MarTech and customer experience company, has unveiled its first-ever State of Martech Report for 2024. This report explores the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior and their impact on marketing strategies. It provides an in-depth analysis of current consumer preferences, needs, and trend-setting behaviors, highlighting the main MarTech trends for 2024. The report also includes practical insights from global marketing experts, offering valuable lessons from their professional experiences.

Drawing from extensive research and expert opinions, “State of MarTech 2024” covers key areas such as consumer behavior shifts, generative AI’s impact, personalized marketing’s rise, and technology’s evolving role in customer engagement. The report suggests consumer preferences are strongly inclined toward short-form video content, and convenient and instant transactions. It also highlights crucial trends: consumers are becoming increasingly selective, seeking hyper-personalized experiences akin to ‘My Personal Store.’ Consequently, marketers must rethink their strategies for engaging with consumers across multiple platforms.

Below are a few interesting insights that the report includes:

As technology evolves, 7 in 10 global consumers eagerly seek personalized experiences, signaling a shift to a hyper-personalized retail landscape. Success hinges on marketers precisely targeting the individual—a ‘segment of one.’

With 90% of consumers swayed by videos in their product decisions, industry leaders are embracing influencer marketing, leveraging short videos to shine a spotlight on their product line.

With Instagram users actively exploring brands and products as its second most engaging activity, captivating about 63% of its users, similar, unconventional platforms like TikTok, WhatsApp, email, and others are emerging as new storefronts for brands.

As user preferences for different channels gain importance, companies embracing robust omnichannel engagement stand to earn up to a 9.5% annual revenue surge.

Mahesh Narayanan, Chief Marketing Growth Officer at Netcore Cloud, emphasizes the report’s significance: “The State of Martech 2024 is not just a report; it’s a vital roadmap for marketers navigating the dynamic digital world. It highlights the transformative power of Martech and the necessity of integrating innovative strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As we step into a future dominated by AI and automation, understanding these trends is crucial for any marketer looking to make a substantial impact.”

Netcore Cloud has recently launched its most extensive array of Gen-AI-driven marketing solutions. This innovative suite revolutionizes how marketers connect with their customers, solidifying Netcore’s status as a global leader with the most comprehensive Gen-AI-powered, full-stack customer experience tools available today. This advancement marks a significant milestone in Netcore’s commitment to enhancing customer engagement through cutting-edge technology.

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