The Modern Marketing Reckoner 2023 Indonesia AI, ML, and CX in Marketing

The Modern Marketing Reckoner Report 2023 by MMA Global Indonesia is a valuable resource of meticulously curated perspectives, data, and insights for futuristic marketers trying to shape marketing strategies for the Indonesian market. 

The AI, ML, and CX in Marketing section of the report contains the following chapters:

  • How Generative Al Shapes the Future Marketing in Indonesia: This chapter by Telkomsel Enterprise decodes the artificial intelligence landscape in Indonesia, emphasizing the need for marketers to embrace the future of Generative AI to enhance customer service and experience, augment marketing operations, unleash creativity and increase productivity.
  • Navigating the Al and ML Revolution Towards Tailored Digital Experiences: Unlocking the Potential of Al-Driven Personalization in Indonesia’s Digital Landscape: M. Rayhan Bawazier, Director of Data & Analytics, Wunderman Thompson Indonesia, explains the importance of marketers exploring AI and ML-driven personalization in Indonesia’s Digital Landscape. It would have several benefits, including better customer experience, increased revenue, and data-driven insights. The chapter also lists real-world success stories of Netflix and Amazon as examples. 
  • From Funnel to Dot: How Consumer Journeys are Evolving in the Omnichannel Universe and What Marketers Can Do About It: Faheem Merchant, AOR Director, Dentsu Indonesia, shares how marketers can own the Dot journey by not predicting but pre-empting. The chapter also includes an exclusive Marketer’s Toolkit for winning the Dot journey.
  • Reckitt Mixes Culture and Customs to Take on Indonesian Consumers: Rahul Bibhuti, Marketing Director, Reckitt explains how key campaigns by Durex, Dettol, and Harpic broke down traditional barriers to reach target audiences.
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