The State of AI Application in Digital Transformation

Discover the ins and outs of the AI landscape in this exclusive report by MMA Global, The State of AI Application in Digital Transformation. Based on MMA Global’s benchmark study, the report traces the changes in the AI landscape, as observed by the decision-makers in the space — Chief Digital Officers (CDOs).

Why download?

  • See the Big Picture: Peek into the strategies of Chief Digital Officers and their crucial role in shaping how AI is applied.
  • Deployment Realities: Learn about the challenges CDOs face when implementing AI, from concerns about jobs to dealing with technical hurdles like data issues and finding skilled talent.
  • Leadership Lessons: Find out why strong leadership support, better sharing of knowledge, and prioritization are vital for successful digital transformation.

Grasp Opportunities: Uncover the vast opportunities ahead. Learn how teamwork, smart planning, and a good grasp of AI tech can lead to an innovative and efficient future.

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