Brand-building for Digital First Brands

As the Indian economy skyrockets at 3X the speed of the EU and the US, Digital-First Brands (DFBs) are stealing the spotlight. It’s facilitating new categories to emerge and new brands to garner share across categories. ‘Brand-building for Digital First Brands’ by Amazon Ads explores the various stages of growth for a Digital First Brand. The report delves into the key strategic choices Digital First Brands adopt for growth and brand-building across stages — product-market fit, sustainable niche, product innovator and mainstream brand.

Read the report to get answers to the following questions:

  • What are the typical stages of growth for a Digital First Brand?
  • What strategic choices do they make across these stages?
  • Are all stages mandatory? Can you leapfrog across stages?
  • What does brand-building mean?
  • Is brand-building really important for a Digital First Brand?
  • At what stage does brand-building become relevant?
  • How do you build a Digital First Brand?
  • What avenues are available for a Digital First Brand?
  • How does brand-building become relevant across stages of growth?
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