AI and humans are inseparable: MMA Global CEO

Mr. Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global, believes that humanity has been experiencing the strong development of AI in 2023.

The MMA Impact conference, with the theme “AI-Powered Business Innovation: Navigating Impact”, was held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 26, gathering together C-level executives and high-ranking managers from renowned local and global businesses and building on the success of past holdings. More than 800 people registered to attend, representing major companies such as Abbott, Coca-Cola, Grab, Masan, SABECO, Samsung, Suntory PepsiCo, and Unilever, among others.

MMA Impact 2023 was a venue for senior industry executives to engage together and discuss the latest ideas and initiatives. In addition to in-depth insights in the field, the event offered a stimulating setting for energetic networking and business matchmaking. Attendees had the opportunity to meet industry executives, managers, and marketing specialists, establish partnerships, and explore collaborative prospects.

Senior executives and specialists offered insights into many sectors and also spoke on subjects related to contemporary marketing and how technology in this era transforms marketing.

They reviewed the most outstanding advertising campaigns of the year, listed in the Smarties nominations, run by leading companies and rising startups. Complex challenges and seamless collaboration between human creativity and technology to find solutions were shared.

“World technology trends run in 13-year cycles,” said Mr. Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global. “If you think about those trend lines, in 2020, most believed that AI was that next trend, and I think we are experiencing that now.”

“2020 is the marking point but ChatGPT and generative AI became popular two or three years later,” he went on. “I think there is still more to come. That’s what’s going on. This is the trend that will define and dictate all the opportunities in the next ten years.”

He said that AI gave a huge efficiency boost to marketing, and personalized ads using AI were transformational. “It’s good for consumers because it means we’re serving the ads,” he explained. “They respond because we’re serving the ads that matter more to them or we are serving the right ad to them in a way that they are more receptive to. So everybody wins. The company wins, the marketing team wins because they’ve made a bigger contribution to growth, and consumers win too.”

“AI absolutely needs humans,” he said. “There was a series of studies done by MIT a number of years ago that validated that they were no machines on their own or AI on its own. AI with humans unquestionably produced the best results.” He also warned that there are risks with AI that we do not know yet, for example misinformation.

He commented that Vietnam is currently an extremely dynamic and interesting country, with lots of enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunities ahead. Many talented young people are choosing marketing as their career and can help with figuring out the business.

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