Neither Half-Full nor Half-Empty – That’s a Full-Stack Marketer for You

We took a plunge with our first-ever Impact event in the capital city Delhi with the aim of sharing knowledge and insights with our growing community. And guess what? With an overwhelming response of 600+ attendees phygitally. Although we’re still grappling with the hangover of the terrific success of Impact’s Delhi debut, I’m sharing some key highlights that kept us all at the edge of our seats.

Evolving into a Full-stack marketer to succeed in the age of integration

I kicked off the event by highlighting the significance of full-stack marketers in today’s integrated marketing landscape. According to MMA Global research, 59% of marketers believe that cross-functional collaboration is crucial for driving growth, whilst the use of AI can improve productivity by 15%.

Embracing the Strengths of Insurgents

Amit Jain’s insightful deep-dive into the edge that insurgents have in driving marketing excellence set the perfect context to inspire winning marketing organizations to relearn, rethink, and rebuild. Right from exploring proven success stories of emerging brands to the disruptive approaches that new-age leaders have taken, we got a sneak peek into the works of the insurgent mindset

Unveiling the Global MMA study – State of AI in Marketing

The study revealed key insights and trends on AI adoption in marketing, showcasing its transformative impact. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on AI applications and success stories, highlighting its potential for enhancing marketing effectiveness. Rohit Dadwal

From Data to Dollars – Marketing Insights from AI-First Investments

By sharing key takeaways on the power of AI in marketing, unleashing its potential, AI-first mindset for company-wide adoption, emerging trends, and addressing adoption challenges, risks, and regulations, Rahul Agarwalla engaged the audiences to a level that we couldn’t quite manage the number of questions the audience had for him!

Unlocking the Power of Commerce Ads

Sudarshan Sarma’s session on transforming brand-consumer connections discussed the transformative role of e-commerce in advertising through contextualization and innovation, leaving us intrigued by the impact of personalization on the e-commerce ecosystem.

Picture Perfect Transformation – Lessons from Photography

Rajesh Ramakrishnan, MMA India Board member shared insights and examples on successful transformation journeys drawing parallels from key principles of photography.

Next Generation Marketing – Harnessing the Potential of Fintech Platform for Business Growth

Aditya Swaminathan, Vice President at Paytm Ads, explained how businesses can leverage audience insights, and innovative ad formats, and create seamless commerce user journeys to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Seamless Content Discovery – The Key to Building Brand Love

Devika Sharma shared innovative approaches to cut through the clutter and engage customers in this era of mobile and internet dominance.

Rethink, Relearn, Rebuild – The Incumbent or Insurgent Way?

A panel of industry leaders ranging from MMA India Board member Sukhleen Aneja, Aastha Almast, Deep Bajaj, Hitesh Dhingra, Rajiv Dubey, and Rashi Narang, discussed the insurgent approach to marketing and business enabling incumbents to rethink marketing approaches.

Think CTV – What do we know about changing viewership and how does that redefine our marketing choices?

Prateek Dubey and Priya Choudhary explored changing viewership contexts and the need for brands to redefine their media mix to connect with premium audiences.

From Print to Pixels to the Top of Playlists – A Journey of Transformation Fuelled by Culture of Innovation

Aditi Prasad shared insights into the transformation of media from print to digital platforms and the importance of embracing innovation.

Solving Complex Real-World Problems Using AI

Amrita Thapar engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Samanyou Garg, our youngest panelist at Impact India this year, passionate to help businesses leverage AI to tackle challenges related to content creation. They delved into the potential of AI to drive social impact and shared examples of AI-driven solutions making a difference.

Creating A Seamless Omni-Commerce Experience

Gaurav Juneja took the stage to shed light on the growing consumer expectations of a seamless hybrid experience. He discussed the convergence of digital and physical channels and shared strategies to drive online and offline sales in this dynamic landscape.

Report launch: ONDC Advantage X toolkit – GTM Guide to Digitise & Democratise for Commerce-Led Growth

The report was unveiled by Ghazal Alagh, who was joined by Shireesh Joshi and key contributors. Ritika Taneja and I shared an overview of how the guide, developed by MMA APAC and GroupM, comprises the needed know-how and roadmap on how businesses can digitize and democratize commerce for sustainable growth, showcasing the transformative potential of the ONDC initiative. “X” as the title calls out is not just a variable; it signifies the unlimited potential within the ONDC ecosystem and is also a call to action for all of you to explore its infinite possibilities.

It was followed by an insightful panel discussion to decode key insights from the report. Moderated by Ruhail Amin, contributors Naman Mawandia, Ritika Taneja, Shireesh Joshi, Varadharajan Ragunathan and I shared excerpts from the report on how brands and sellers can leverage the ONDC Network to enhance their businesses.

Selecting the right mix of Sniper and Bazooka techniques for your business

In a fireside chat with Varun Alagh, I discussed the sniper mindset and marketing strategies deployed by Mamaearth – Honasa Consumer Ltd. in its 0-1 journey and beyond. He shared valuable insights on striking the right balance between targeted sniper techniques and broader bazooka approaches while exploring and leveraging the latest trends in marketing keeping the customer at the center and measuring what matters.

Masterclass – Rethinking Everything You Know About Media Quality

Nachiket Deole shared the need to re-evaluate media quality in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape. Attendees gained valuable insights on optimizing campaign performance while ensuring brand protection and engagement in the era of shifting media consumption habits.

We concluded with a vibrant soiree in a room full of industry mavericks who participated actively at Impact joined by the MMA board and members. The Impact India Delhi Edition was truly an enriching experience, providing a platform for industry leaders to share their expertise to build winning marketing organizations 2.0. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from these insightful sessions and connect with like-minded professionals. Looking forward to implementing these learnings in my own marketing endeavors! Here is the complete video of all the sessions described above for you to pick and choose what you want to double-click and consume.

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