MMA’s Decoding AI for Marketers Training Series

The Generative AI landscape is evolving at a higher speed than ever before. Marketers must keep updated with the latest AI systems and have in-depth knowledge to leverage them best. MMA Global has announced the Decoding AI for Marketers Training Series to facilitate the same.

This MMA Member Exclusive offers MMA Global Members hands-on foundational training about Generative AI. The training curriculum delves into how different AI systems work, detailing their strengths and weaknesses using real-life examples and practical exercises. Authors of The AI Conundrum, Rex Briggs & Caleb Briggs, will present the training, sharing exclusive insights from this MIT Press book. 

The program has been divided into 5 hours to make it easier for marketers to join: 

  • Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Dall-E & Midjourney Image Generation
  • Steering LLMs & “jailbreak” techniques
  • Using AI to analyze images and data
  • Responsible AI and scoring AI risk

The participants can spend just an hour each day over the week to access the insights and training. All the attendees of the week-long training will receive a complimentary digital copy of The AI Conundrum and a certificate of completion.

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