Navigating the Evolving Commerce Landscape in APAC with Shoppertainment

Shoppertainment Is Revolutionising Commerce in APAC – Are You Ready?

For years, we’ve witnessed that content and entertainment have increasingly driven purchase decisions. Although discounts and promotions continue to be one of the most prominent purchase triggers, and are widely deployed across many brands, relying solely on these tactics may not help a brand differentiate itself effectively from competitors.

Consumers crave authenticity – they want to truly understand a product’s value before buying, and not be rushed into impulsive purchases. Well, the research is finally in, and it has crystallised the somewhat pixelated image of this modern trend many of us have been feeling in our bones. According to the new research from TikTok and Accenture, Shoppertainment – content-driven commerce that entertains and educates first – represents a $1 trillion opportunity in APAC by 2025. This comprehensive study has uncovered three seismic shifts that should put brands on notice.

First, consumers are making intuitive, confident decisions, not impulsive ones. Nearly 79% are influenced more by non-promotional content that allows them to experience a product’s true value and benefits. Think authentic reviews, creator recommendations, and real-world product demos that deeply resonate. As September Guo, Managing Director, Social Commerce Lead, at Southeast Asia Accenture says in the report, “Merely opening a shopfront on content-driven platforms and offering competitive prices does not suffice. Brands need to harness content for sustained growth.”

Second, the browsing and buying experience is converging on content platforms. Incredibly, 69% of consumers expect comprehensive brand and product content on places like TikTok within 1-2 years. They are already searching for products on these apps more than search engines! Shoppable videos, live streams, and on-platform storefronts are the future. Shant Oknayan, Vice President, Global Business, Asia, Oceania & Africa at TikTok drives the point home when he says, “As technology continues to develop, brands must engage consumers in ways that provide them not only the best deal, but also an entertaining, seamless experience.”

Third, the influence is shifting from brands to “content communities” centred around shared interests and user-generated content. Almost half (48%) of consumers are swayed by these fluid communities of hashtags, comments, and real talk – more than double the influence of brands alone.

Additionally, co-creation allows consumers to celebrate finds and seek community validation. “Brands should remain consumer-first and mindful of creating a seamless experience, which includes engaging content and sales strategies that emphasise product benefits and value,” advised Arthur Altounian, VP of Client Strategy & Growth for APAC at GroupM (The Goat Agency).

Of course, nuances exist across APAC markets, but the overall trend is clear. Social-oriented countries like Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea lean heavily into reviews and creators for intuitive purchases. Product-oriented markets like Japan and Indonesia still prioritise deals and product information and benefits. But everywhere, consumers expect seamless contentto-commerce experiences, and ability to voice their opinions through communities.

Brands that embrace Shoppertainment – focusing on entertaining value-driven content, enabling effortless browse-to-buy experiences on content apps, and lowering participation barriers in communities – will be the winners.

Shoppertainment is already here, enabling a rapid evolution in consumer behaviour. Thanks to this vital report, brands now have the insights to get ahead of the curve. As TikTok APAC’s Head of Business Marketing, Ng Chew Wee shared: “We encourage brands to embrace Shoppertainment and put content at the heart of their commerce strategy to engage shoppers who confidently browse and buy as they consume and co-create content.”

The age of discount-driven transactional commerce has reached saturation. Shoppertainment is the future – are you ready?

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