Guide to Submitting a Winning Entry for SMARTIES 2024!

Are you ready to shine a spotlight on your groundbreaking marketing campaign at the esteemed SMARTIES™ Awards? Submitting a winning entry requires more than just showcasing your campaign; it involves telling a compelling story, providing context, and understanding the judging criteria. Here are your top 5 tips from the SMARTIES Jury to craft a winning entry:

Tip 1️⃣: Craft a Compelling Story

  • Write with Impact: Think of your entry as a captivating short story. Avoid dry, technical jargon. Focus on what makes your campaign unique and engaging.
  • Target a Broad Audience: Remember, the judges come from diverse backgrounds. Strive for clarity, simplicity, and an enjoyable reading experience.
  • Substance & Impact Matter: Showcase the results your campaign achieved. Use visuals like charts in the video to present data effectively.
  • Polish Your Work: Proofread meticulously for typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies. A polished entry shows professionalism.
  • Address Challenges Head-On: Explain the hurdles you faced and how your campaign overcame them.
  • Answer All Questions Completely: Don’t leave any gaps in your entry. The judges rely on the information you provide.

Tip 2️⃣: Context is King

  • Benchmark Your Results: Don’t just present raw numbers. Provide context by including industry benchmarks.
  • Highlight Competitive Advantage: Show how your campaign stacked up against your competitors.
  • Align KPIs and Results: Clearly demonstrate how your campaign met or exceeded its defined KPIs.
  • Storytelling Through Data: Weave a narrative around your results, explaining the “why” behind the numbers. Keep it clear and concise.
  • Make it Easy to Understand: Judges evaluate numerous entries. Simplify your message for maximum impact.

Tip 3️⃣: Creative Requirements – Bring Your Vision to Life

  • Showcase Your Work with Video: A video is highly recommended to complement your written entry.
  • Focus on the “Idea”: Use the video to explain your campaign’s concept and creative execution.
  • Summarize Key Elements: Condense the challenge, strategy, objectives, execution, and outcome into a clear and concise video.
  • Time is of the Essence: Keep your video under 3 minutes.
  • Prioritize Clarity: Use high-quality visuals and a clear English narration (or subtitles if necessary).
  • Plan for Showcase: Consider potential limitations (e.g., music licensing) that might restrict video usage.

Tip 4️⃣: Understanding Jury Scoring

Submissions are evaluated based on:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Creativity
  • Business Impact

Tip 5️⃣: Learn from the Best

🌟 Register for the SMARTIES Awards today and take advantage of the early bird deadline on June 10th, 2024: Submit Your Entry

🔽 Download the latest 2024 Submission Guide for the most up-to-date information and judging criteria: 2024 Official SMARTIES Submission Guide

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