Driving Transformations: How brands have achieved success with Shoppertainment

The rise of Shoppertainment — the $1 trillion content-driven commerce opportunity has disrupted traditional shopping behaviours in APAC, forcing brands to rethink to achieve a seamless blend of media, content and commerce. 

However, as shared in our previous article, TikTok’s new PACE framework aims to decode the new paradigm to help brands drive revenue growth. To showcase this framework in action, Samsung and NIVEA in Thailand, and ANESSA in Vietnam have demonstrated success stories as they pilot-tested PACE on TikTok.

Samsung Thailand’s Personalised Livestream Strategy

Samsung Thailand was looking at ways to raise the proportion of high-valued items in their sales or what’s called Average Order Value (AOV). The electronics giant ran a pilot with three creators for six live stream sessions with distinct Personas – Beauty Maven, Tech Enthusiast and Young Professional. The brand found that the latter two trumped Beauty Maven in mobilising higher AOV and GMV due to the psychographics of this group, where they tend to be more willing to invest in advanced tech products. 

The results of segmenting the consumer base into ‘Personas’, and tailoring product offerings accordingly, were clear. Samsung saw a remarkable 63% uplift in its AOV and a 46% increase in show counts. Thitinun Teimsuwan, Head of Online Sales Samsung Thailand also added “TikTok Shop is effective in launching exclusives or new products. The right merchandising strategy on TikTok Shop is crucial not only to drive sales but also to create deeper engagement and grow our customer base.”

NIVEA Thailand Paces Assortment and Empowerment 

To gain meaningful and actionable insights into consumer preference, the personal care brand employed a curated product bundling. Utilising TikTok’s LIVE and Shop Tab offered consumers the choice of picking two of their preferred products in each bundle, where they discovered that twin packs of the same product drove 45% of the main order while bundles with different products contributed only to 4%. 

Bundling is key for brands as it helps them crystallise their strategies about using two of the same products or different products. NIVEA used these insights and tailored its product bundles to raise its GMV and average Ads GMV. The strategy also delivered over a 557% jump in average product impressions. 

Having benefited from testing product assortments in the market, NIVEA also deployed the ‘Empowerment’ pillar of the PACE framework. The brand used LIVE Shopping Ads (LSA), Product Shopping Ads (PSA) and Video Shopping Ads (VSA) as part of TikTok’s suite of advertising solutions to drive traffic and conversion for the launch.

NIVEA’s investment in all three Shop Ads formats successfully drove full-funnel uplift – 43% in GMV, 59% Ads GMV and 12.1x higher return on ads spends during campaign days against baseline. 

ANESSA Vietnam Reimagines Livestreams for Shoppertainment

ANESSA, a leading beauty brand, leveraged multi-lever strategies to create differentiated live streams in a bid to boost sales by 2-5x. Multiple livestreams with different themes, tailored to its target audience, helped ANESSA achieve a remarkable uplift in GMV and Live Watch page views. The brand created 3 LIVE themes designed for their target persona — a beach, cafe and office setting to create scenarios of using their products in daily life. Apart from time-based offers and exclusive promotions, the live streams included personalised scripts where hosts highlighted the USPs of different products to suit each of these settings.

By employing a combination of strategic investment in advertising spend and retargeting to funnel audiences to convert, resulting in a 22% jump in GMV and a 207% increase in livestream views. More importantly, ANESSA more than doubled its followers, creating a stronger audience base for future livestreams.

These success stories underscore the transformative potential of PACE in the Shoppertainment age when executed with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences. 

Find out if your business is ready to win with PACE with TikTok’s new quiz around Shoppertainment. For more information and resources on Shoppertainment, visit TikTok’s website.

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