Celebrate maximized brand impact this Ramadan with AI accuracy in ad tech

Celebrate maximized brand impact this Ramadan with AI accuracy in ad tech 

Ramadan is a sacred celebration that brings together the global Muslim community of 1.8 billion with a focus on spiritual growth and communal bonding. This presents brands with the opportunity to thread the beads of connection with consumers and leverage the seasonal shopping boom to their advantage. Also, this year, Indonesians have shown a high intention to spend on iftar gatherings (77%), food shopping (73%), and Ramadan shopping (72%). (Statista) Thereby, providing significant opportunities for increased returns and brand awareness.

Now, to capitalize on these practices, it can be highly beneficial for brands to gain insights into the dynamic ad tech industry during Ramadan, as it can help brands target the right audiences more effectively. For example, last year 88% of Indonesians shopped online during Ramadan and for 2024 the anticipation is the spending will be higher. 

Also, the rise in e-commerce sales, or how consumers are more receptive to trying new products during Ramadan, can be valuable information for brands. This underscores the need to adopt AI in brands’ Ramadan ad strategies and campaigns. By leveraging AI insights, brands get to target with more refinement, using hyper-personalization and optimal ad placements to reach audiences with ads that resonate with their interests and preferences. Even more, when met with the right sentiment at the right time, audiences connect better with the brand and its offerings. So, precise targeting via artificial intelligence during this season will increase the probability of increased sales for brands. 

Adding to this, Indonesia’s increased video consumption on YouTube during Ramadan indicates a promising future for brands, with searches on Ramdan-centric topics having surged by 250% YoY since 2022. People are mostly online during this period, sharing greetings, watching religious content, watching live streams, and entertaining videos. However, these activities peak during specific timeframes, considering changes in schedules and allowing brands to optimize their ad strategy by targeting users during peak browsing hours. Here, the AI-driven approach to advertising on YouTube and Instagram adds value to brand Ramadan campaigns via key metrics like: 

  1. Seamless Experience: Provide a smooth and delightful user experience for consumers this Ramadan by displaying ads that are contextually relevant to them. By using AI-driven metrics such as keywords and logos, brands can ensure ads blend in seamlessly with the content, offering users an uninterrupted viewing experience. Additionally, blending ads with those of competitors and related videos helps brands promote brand awareness and bridge competitor gaps more effectively. 
  2. Holistic Targeting: With the help of AI-driven targeting, ads can now be aligned precisely with the values and emotions of the audience based on their fasting and prayer schedules. Additionally, by leveraging targeting metrics such as demographics, location, context, and more, brands get to adopt a more comprehensive approach and reach relevant audience segments. Also, displaying ads during peak engagement times helps brands maximize the impact of their campaigns and incentivize customers to take action.
  3. Scalability: During the month of Ramadan, brands can improve their impact and expand their reach by keeping up with the changing trends and behaviors of their audience. It is customary for people to offer prayers and exchange gifts with their loved ones throughout the month, and many also search for deals and new products to purchase. Here, AI can be used to segment the audience and target those who have a history of online shopping, especially during this month.
  4. Brand-Safe Content: During the Ramadan season, it is important to be mindful of religious sensitivities and avoid displaying ads with content that is violent or inappropriate. YouTube Instagram AI context-based precision advertising helps brands use GARM-based restrictions to ensure that their ads are not displayed in such cases. Additionally, advertisers can also add their own keywords to avoid displaying their ads in certain contexts where they do not wish to be associated.
  5. Access to ‘Intent’ Audiences: During the month of Ramadan, there is an increase in consumer spending and shopping, Brands can take advantage of these trends by including a call-to-action button in their YouTube ads, which directs viewers to their online store, thereby converting awareness into sales and incentivizing engagement.

Thus, embracing accuracy through versatile AI solutions not only enriches your Ramadan celebrations but also paves the way for growth and prosperity beyond the holy month. Let this Ramadan be a time you harness the power of AI to exceed KPIs and leave a lasting impact. 

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